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Introducing Shawn Hudson, Author of “Poetic Thoughts of a Rebel”

Interview with Shawn Hudson

author photo
Hey everyone!

In a few days I’ll be posting an interview with Shawn Hudson.

Shawn is a talented poet/novelist who has recently released a collection of poems entitled Poetic Thoughts of a Rebel, which you can purchase via Amazon.


In our interview, Shawn and I talked about a wide variety of topics, ranging from poetry to hypocrisy to respectability politics to former NBA great Reggie Miller.

In the meantime, Shawn prepared a little introduction. You can listen to it by pressing play on the audio file below.


If you want to learn more about Shawn, you can follow him on Twitter @RBGLiterature.

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Interview with Brian Anderson

If Shawn’s introduction whetted your appetite, why not check out my interview with Brian Anderson, author of Groundwork.

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Coming Soon – Interview with KD McGregor, Author of Backs Against The Wall

I had the pleasure to edit Backs Against The Wall, the debut novel of KD McGregor, a talented indie writer. KD has agreed to be interviewed by The Literary Game to discuss his perspective on many issues of importance to aspiring writers. We’ll have the interview up soon.

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