The Literary Game is Back!

Friends, I’m happy to inform you that I have decided to restore The Literary Game. I am honored and humbled to have amassed such a large audience to my blog, and want to continue the tradition of posts that many writers have come to expect – sound, practical advice that works.

Additionally, I have a few new features I am proud to mention. If you click here, I have a free downloadable set of PowerPoint slides that are a guide to the basics of fiction writing. I encourage you to download them, and tell me what you think.

Another new feature that I have added to The Literary Game is the ability to engage with me for a Q&A. If you have a specific writing-related question that you would like me to address, just email me, and I would be happy to answer your question. If I feel that it has wider applicability to writers, I’ll even turn it into a future blog post.

Lastly, I have dramatically reduced the prices of my services as an editor. For only $5/page, I will provide a thorough edit of the manuscript for your novel, short fiction, or flash fiction (prices are slightly higher for poems, screenplays, and plays). I provide a free meet-and-greet, in person, if you’re local to New York City, or via Skype otherwise, so I can truly understand your needs before getting to work. I’ll also provide a free heads up as to, in my opinion, what your best options are for publishing your specific work. To hire me as your editor, simply email me.

If you feel confident about your manuscript, but do not know where to turn in regards to publishing, I have also reduced my prices as a publishing consultant to only $30/hour. (Note: Most clients do not need more than 10 hours). For that rate, I can provide everything that you need to put yourself in the best position to publish your work with a reputable publisher. Admittedly, not all pieces are ready for publication, so if I feel that your writing could use a thorough edit, rather than take your money and leave you with false hope, I will suggest that you rewrite your piece first, and refund you any money already paid. To hire me as your publishing consultant, simply email me.

I’m excited about restoring The Literary Game! With your help, I hope to turn this website into one of the premier homes on the Internet for budding writers to turn to for all their needs. If you would please help me in this regard by doing whatever you can to spread the word, be it sharing posts, referring friends, or linking to my site, I would truly appreciate it.

Thank you so much for reading! Together, let’s take this website to new heights!

Alfonso Colasuonno
Publisher, The Literary Game


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